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Explore our 316L Stainless steel component categories. Each piece reflects craftsmanship excellence combined with innovative solutions.

Stainless steel static deck fittings

To ensure safety, durability and
reliable performance
in the most challenging conditions.

Mooring steels

They must be able to resist corrosion, have
mechanical strength and good weldability.

Doors and gangways

Doors must be sturdy and waterproof.
Gangways allow access to the hold.


They are an essential element for the safety and
comfort of those travelling on the yacht.

Custom movements

Customizing on-board features and systems to meet specific needs and preferences.

Miniature objects & Accessories

Small and detailed objects or small-scale representations of craft.

On the way to a beautiful trip

Join us at the heart of the company. Discover our passion for perfection, the art of steel and innovation that drives all our creative efforts. Welcome to our world.

Exclusive stainless steel components

When it comes to nautical components, making smart choices is critical. Our product range offers you versatile and reliable solutions for all your needs. It's time to navigate with confidence.

Luxury furnishings

In boat interiors, the beauty can be found in the detail. Officine Mazzer is your unparalleled partner when it comes to creating a space to delight your guests and reflect your taste in luxury.


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