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Stainless steel static deck fittings

Static deck steel is a type of steel used in shipbuilding, especially in the construction of a ship's deck or a yacht. This material needs to be corrosion-resistant and withstand the effects of weather, in addition to being sturdy enough to bear heavy loads and the wear and tear caused by the marine environment.

Mooring steels

Corrosion resistance is crucial to ensure the longevity of steel in the marine environment. Mechanical strength is necessary to withstand loads during anchoring operations. Weldability, finally, is essential to ensure the safety of vessels.

Door and gangways

Doors are a key element in the safety and functionality of vessels and must ensure robustness and impermeability to external elements such as water and weather. Hatches, on the other hand, play a crucial role by allowing access to the hold for loading and unloading of goods, enabling efficient management of port and storage operations.


Windshields are a fundamental element for the safety and comfort of passengers on board a yacht. Their careful design is crucial to ensure clear visibility for the sailor, protecting them from hazards and weather conditions. The quality of windshields is crucial for a safe and enjoyable navigation experience on a yacht.

Custom movements

They represent a customization approach to meet specific needs and preferences. This practice allows adapting key elements of vessels to create a unique experience that reflects individual needs and desires. The ability to customize onboard systems is essential to provide tailor-made solutions and ensure the utmost satisfaction of owners and crews.

Miniature objects & Accessories

Miniatures and accessories are small, detailed objects or scaled-down representations of vessels. These items allow for the appreciation and study of ship details in a compact and decorative format, providing a detailed and captivating perspective of scaled-down vessels.