The continuous demand for personalized and custom made products, has led our company to invest in technologies and people. Technology has changed the way we produce, we changed the way we communicate becoming promoters of ideas and solutions. Our new challenge is to become partner of each of our clients from the concept stage, to the whole life cycle of the product.
Mazzer Srl designs components and mechanical systems using 2D and 3D modeling softwares. We follow the client from the initial choices to the economic decisions, to guarantee functional and sustainable solutions.
The company specializes in design and mechanical analysis and provides the customer with consultancy specialized in design.

Mazzer’s professionals quickly and reliably meet the needs of the customers, always offering a range of innovative and high quality standards solutions.
Mazzer follows each project from the concept to the finalization of the product.
It is our value to support companies in the development of their products, constant application with efficiency and quality, the most advanced computer aided design methodologies.