Art and Technique since 1985

Attention to detail

Elegant and durable components secured by accurate machining and finishes, even for non-standard requests. Mazzer quality, in fact, is the result of careful tests reserved for every different production process: the constant search for new shapes, qualified employees, high tech machines.

Advanced Solutions

Each component is followed with the utmost attention, from the design stage always ready to suggest the ultimate solution, to the final processing to achieve excellent results, the result of thirty years in the production of nautical accessories.

Quality assurance

Maximum customer satisfaction, certainty of a personalized and durable product are the best guarantees of our components.

We give a soul to each of our products, giving it that exceptionality that only art is able to express.

These are the kind of details that made Mazzer a leading company in the Italian market and abroad, for the realization of a wide variety of components for boats of any shape and size.

A unique design process that integrates the thirty-year experience and the high quality of the raw material as well as the continuous search for unique and innovative solutions. Modern and functional interpretation of the environment, not to mention all the warmth and hospitality of a real home, even at sea.

Exclusive, sophisticated and elegant components are born from a close collaboration with designers and customers, which together, explore new forms and materials, to reach solutions with attention to detail which take shape thanks to the handicraft of our men and the technology of our machines.

Last Works